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Post 10: Back and Butter Than Ever!

(That joke doesn’t even apply here…)

Hello, all!

You’ve probably noticed a few changes. One is that the site has a new URL to match my new username: AuryoSD. Also, I updates the theme from Twenty-Eleven to Twenty-Twelve. About time, too…

Well, school’s started up again, and I’m not exactly sure how to feel about it. I have a ton of homework now, but I like being in a higher grade.

Just a bit of news regarding Foley Productions, an amateur film company that I’m a part of. We’ve finished the scripts for Deception 2, Cooking with Foley Productions, Der Scout, and The Sole San Man. We’re going to be filming/editing Cooking with Foley Productions starting tomorrow, and Der Scout hopefully by Saturday. After those two are done, we’re going to be doing Deception 2 (planned to be our greatest film by far), which may be done around Halloween, and The Sole Sane Man when we have time.

Also, I’ve rediscovered my interest in Pok√©mon, especially with Black 2 and White 2 coming out October 7, so you may see me pop up around the internet in that context.

I’m not sure if people know about this, but I am a fan of the book series Warriors (also known as Warrior Cats). Yellowfang’s Secret will be released within a month or two, and Dawn of the Clans Book 1 will be released in early 2013. I’m getting excited about those, and I can’t wait to read them!

Well, that’s just about all of the news I have for now, so until next time, see ya!