Post 4: Bear Dream


Last night, I had a weird dream. I was camping with these two people.

So, in the morning, we were talking, and then a guy asked what was brought by someone who didn’t show up. The other guy said some camping stuff, and then he said there was a refrigerator (mini, I assume). The first guy was freaked out and asked if it was a certain kind.

The second said yes.

The first told us to run. We all started to run, but our packs were heavy for some reason.

Then, a bear came charging at one of the guys. I ran, turning a corner around  a tree, then ended up in some Home Depot place where I ran behind a cash register. I saw some Arabian guy smiling, looking towards the woods. Then the bear came into the room, and charged at me. Then I woke up.

That was a weird, and scary, dream. Does it mean something? I hope not, because it seems that it would be bad.



Post 3: The Witches

Hi, there!

My parents are out tonight, and so we’re watching a movie, The Witches. Yes, I did read the book. It was a little weird, though… Anyway, the movie looks like it is an old one. (researches movie) Yep, filmed in 1990. This is a 21 year old movie. That explains the second-rate video quality.

I made a website on Obsidian Portal, a website for GMs of role-playing games. My website is called Blade Island, the name of my campaign.

Well, I’ll keep watching the movie.


Post 2: The Secret Shipment

Hi! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately…

Anyway, last night me and some friends started filming a movie we’ve been writing for months, now. It’s called the Secret Shipment. It is a six-part mini-series, each episode being 10 minutes long. We filmed scene 1 last night. Basically, there are these 2 criminals who are giving an illegal shipment of iPods to their contact. The criminals want $250,000 for the shipment. Then, the contact reveals himself as an FBI agent. The criminals draw their guns and the agent runs. The criminals shoot and kill the agent. A girl sees this all go down and the criminals see her and begin to chase her, but then stop and decide they’ll hunt her down.

We used my friend’s parents’ mini-van for the van the criminals were driving and used fake blood on a white t-shirt my friend bought for the agent bleeding (we plan not to use excessive violence and blood, planning to keep the rating between PG and PG-13). We also used cap guns, a fake automatic rifle, and cheap hand cuffs. The cost was about $45 or less. See you on the big screen!


Post 1: Fall of a Kingdom…pathetic one, too

Hi, there! This is my first post! đŸ˜€

So, I was reading an article in Dragon magazine (D&D Insider), and it told a story about a kingdom. This kingdom was doing pretty well, except that the cadets in the army were selling their weapons and armor for food, drink, and lodging. Why? Because the high ranks (ie. General, Lieutenant, etc.) were being bought and sold be people.


So, then the orcs came over (remember, this is Dungeons & Dragons we’re talking about) and lay siege to the city. The high ranks fled from the battle, practically leaving the cadets to die there. The high ranks were being filled by the leaders that should take them, but it was desperate.

Then, the 3rd regiment (or whatever is was) came back to the city, and although being made of criminals, beat the orcs.

The military had become more serious. For about five seconds. Then it went back to the buying and selling.

One day, the orcs came back. Long story short, the 3rd regiment was away, and when they got back the city was rubble, the people were dead, and the orcs won. Happy ending, right?