Post 11: Some Updates

Hello, all!

If you’re still reading this blog, I thank you! Seriously, I don’t expect anyone to actually read these posts, but it’s good to know if people do decide to give them a look. Please post a comment so I can acknowledge your existence!

Also, there have been a few minor changes in my life. One is that on NationStates, my region that a few of my friends and I built has gotten somewhat important! Because of this, I finally feel ready to begin posting in the forums, and expand my influence.

Another change is that I have begun watching more anime recently. Previously, I had only really seen Dragon Ball Z and Code Geass. I can now say that I have finished Death Note (amazing!) and have gotten well into Soul Eater (also great!).

One feeling that I have had recently is one of renewal. I’m not entirely sure why this is, but I like the feeling. It might have something to do with spring and Easter…

Thanks for taking the time to read! Goodbye for now!



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