Post 8: How Far Should Public Surveillance Go?

Hello, all.

There is this country simulator “game” that I play called NationStates. It’s a game where you make decisions to issues that affect your country. I have been playing for over a year now, and my country’s doing great (to see it, click here), mainly because I have played enough for the system to get used to my decisions and create a relatively stable nation.

Anyways, an issue that I got today was titled “Police Consider ‘Big Brother’ Anti-Crime System”. This was talking about the police planning an installation of surveillance cameras in all major public places. Option number 1 was to repeal the plan because this was “spying” on the public, which would be a major invasion of privacy. Option number 2 was to go with the plan because “When you’re out in public, PEOPLE CAN SEE YOU” (that was a quote from the issue, not me). Option 3 was to go even farther and create a national database of citizens, give out compulsory ID cards and begin barcoding (tatooing barcodes on people so the government can track them). I decided to go with option 2 because if you’re in a major public area, a crime will already have dozens of witnesses, so the cameras will just get a clear image of what went down and store it for later retrieval.

Although I thought that option 2 was obvious, I doubt that everyone thinks of it that way. Please comment on how you would react to this issue. I want to see what people think of this.



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