Post 2: The Secret Shipment

Hi! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately…

Anyway, last night me and some friends started filming a movie we’ve been writing for months, now. It’s called the Secret Shipment. It is a six-part mini-series, each episode being 10 minutes long. We filmed scene 1 last night. Basically, there are these 2 criminals who are giving an illegal shipment of iPods to their contact. The criminals want $250,000 for the shipment. Then, the contact reveals himself as an FBI agent. The criminals draw their guns and the agent runs. The criminals shoot and kill the agent. A girl sees this all go down and the criminals see her and begin to chase her, but then stop and decide they’ll hunt her down.

We used my friend’s parents’ mini-van for the van the criminals were driving and used fake blood on a white t-shirt my friend bought for the agent bleeding (we plan not to use excessive violence and blood, planning to keep the rating between PG and PG-13). We also used cap guns, a fake automatic rifle, and cheap hand cuffs. The cost was about $45 or less. See you on the big screen!



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