Post 11: Some Updates

Hello, all!

If you’re still reading this blog, I thank you! Seriously, I don’t expect anyone to actually read these posts, but it’s good to know if people do decide to give them a look. Please post a comment so I can acknowledge your existence!

Also, there have been a few minor changes in my life. One is that on NationStates, my region that a few of my friends and I built has gotten somewhat important! Because of this, I finally feel ready to begin posting in the forums, and expand my influence.

Another change is that I have begun watching more anime recently. Previously, I had only really seen Dragon Ball Z and Code Geass. I can now say that I have finished Death Note (amazing!) and have gotten well into Soul Eater (also great!).

One feeling that I have had recently is one of renewal. I’m not entirely sure why this is, but I like the feeling. It might have something to do with spring and Easter…

Thanks for taking the time to read! Goodbye for now!



Post 10: Back and Butter Than Ever!

(That joke doesn’t even apply here…)

Hello, all!

You’ve probably noticed a few changes. One is that the site has a new URL to match my new username: AuryoSD. Also, I updates the theme from Twenty-Eleven to Twenty-Twelve. About time, too…

Well, school’s started up again, and I’m not exactly sure how to feel about it. I have a ton of homework now, but I like being in a higher grade.

Just a bit of news regarding Foley Productions, an amateur film company that I’m a part of. We’ve finished the scripts for Deception 2, Cooking with Foley Productions, Der Scout, and The Sole San Man. We’re going to be filming/editing Cooking with Foley Productions starting tomorrow, and Der Scout hopefully by Saturday. After those two are done, we’re going to be doing Deception 2 (planned to be our greatest film by far), which may be done around Halloween, and The Sole Sane Man when we have time.

Also, I’ve rediscovered my interest in Pokémon, especially with Black 2 and White 2 coming out October 7, so you may see me pop up around the internet in that context.

I’m not sure if people know about this, but I am a fan of the book series Warriors (also known as Warrior Cats). Yellowfang’s Secret will be released within a month or two, and Dawn of the Clans Book 1 will be released in early 2013. I’m getting excited about those, and I can’t wait to read them!

Well, that’s just about all of the news I have for now, so until next time, see ya!


Post 9: Summer’s Almost Over…

Hello, all!

If you’re still a student, you probably know that summer vacation is coming to an end. If you didn’t know that, call this a wake-up call.

Well, looking back on this summer, I can either say that I didn’t do much, or I did a lot. While I stayed inside most of the time and played video games, I also learned how to draw manga, rediscovered my knowledge of the programming language Python, and learned how much I really liked hard rock (mainly Thousand Foot Krutch).

While I can’t say that I’m ecstatic about going back to school, I am looking forward to seeing my friends and hitting some of the more interesting topics.



Post 8: How Far Should Public Surveillance Go?

Hello, all.

There is this country simulator “game” that I play called NationStates. It’s a game where you make decisions to issues that affect your country. I have been playing for over a year now, and my country’s doing great (to see it, click here), mainly because I have played enough for the system to get used to my decisions and create a relatively stable nation.

Anyways, an issue that I got today was titled “Police Consider ‘Big Brother’ Anti-Crime System”. This was talking about the police planning an installation of surveillance cameras in all major public places. Option number 1 was to repeal the plan because this was “spying” on the public, which would be a major invasion of privacy. Option number 2 was to go with the plan because “When you’re out in public, PEOPLE CAN SEE YOU” (that was a quote from the issue, not me). Option 3 was to go even farther and create a national database of citizens, give out compulsory ID cards and begin barcoding (tatooing barcodes on people so the government can track them). I decided to go with option 2 because if you’re in a major public area, a crime will already have dozens of witnesses, so the cameras will just get a clear image of what went down and store it for later retrieval.

Although I thought that option 2 was obvious, I doubt that everyone thinks of it that way. Please comment on how you would react to this issue. I want to see what people think of this.


Post 7: Hypocritical Driver


A couple weeks ago, my family was walking to the bank during the evening. My brother was running toward the building, and nearly ran into a car!

“Be careful at night! You can’t see where you’re going,” the driver said, annoyingly stern. Then the driver proceeded to park into a “NO PARKING” space.


My dad and I started privately laughing at him for being so hypocritical.

Well, hello readers!

First of all, let me say how happy I am for so many people to be reading this blog. This may be the most stats I’ve had for a public site!

Also, I would like you to start commenting on my posts and pages. I would really appreciate feedback.

Lastly, I would like to ask you all whether I should start a blog that continues a story over several posts, each written at least once a week.

Thanks again!


Post 5: Traffic Jump


I haven’t been here in nearly two months, but I looked and had 107 hits! The last time, it was 1 hit.

Also, I had my first spam comment. I don’t really understand too much how that would be a victory, but I guess I’m being recognized.

Well, I’ll keep the posts coming!


Post 6: New look

Hey, there.

I have made some major updates to the site. They include…

  • New theme
  • New header
  • New background
  • Three menus
  • New page

Please let me know how you like it on the comments.


P.S. Sorry about the change of order. It’s because I posted two on the same day.